May 2022


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Site maintenance was completed. Final server migration completed.

No more major outages or disruptions should occur.

Posing ideas for men

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  1. Both hands in pockets
  2. The profile pose/Side view
  3. Side lean while looking away
  4. The laugh
  5. Hand on wrist
  6. Hand to face
  7. The scowl
  8. Over the shoulder
  9. The sleeve pull
  10. The inside pocket
  11. Play with buttons
  12. Fist in hand
  13. Hand to chest side view
  14. Jacket over one shoulder
  15. Hands on waist
  16. Sit and lean
  17. Hand to neck
  18. One hand in pocket
  19. Props
  20. Back to the wall
  21. Hand behind the head
  22. Cover half the face
  23. Sit one leg under
  24. Hands behind the back
  25. Sitting pose
  26. Candid walking pose
  27. One hand on shoulder


Change Log

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  • Oregon Trail game added
  • Added new who’s online widget
  • Added right sidebar
  • Added User photos to sidebar
  • Added recent signed up members
  • Moved contact links
  • Centered Ads on mobile
  • Added chat bubble link for desktop to open chat in resizable popup window
  • Fixed misalignment with menu on mobile


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We will be transferring to a new database next Monday May 16th and although we have backed up the files, you never know what can happen. If you have images or videos you would like to save just in case please do so within this week. Thank you!


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Changed group X Refugees to PSX

  • Added description to group PSX with disclaimer
  • Added header to PSX Group
  • Added display image to PSX
  • Auto accept join request on PSX group enabled
  • Removed blog posts from Nation
  • Misc code cleanup